In 1905, when the local hospital was first built, Dr. Tiberius Shockwell was one of the first Physicians hired by the hospital. He was a very intelligent man who had several years of private practice experience prior to being hired by the new hospital. His patients would call him "Dr. Shock" for short. His dream was to find a way to extend human life. His dream became his mission and eventually his downfall. Dr. Shockwell began conducting experiments on his patients, which ended in being terminated from the hospital in 1915. 
     Dr. Shockwell decided to stay in the area and purchased some land in the outskirts, just a few miles away from the hospital. At night, he would sneak into the hospital and grab any medical supplies he could to help him build his own laboratory on his land. Dr. Shockwell continued to find unsuspecting souls looking for a cure to their ailments and used them to conduct his experiments. As these experiments continued, those "patients" of Dr. Shock's experiments ended up becoming worse and turned into psychopathic monsters, looking to feed off of any person they could find. 
     Years later, after the disappearances of many of the townsfolk, the town began to investigate Dr. Shockwell and all that was taking place on his land, believing he had something to do with all of the mysterious disappearances. When the town found evidence that many of the people who had disappeared were on his land at some point in time, the people went to confront Dr. Shockwell. Filled with anger, they set his home and land on fire one night while he was asleep, hoping this would end the horror that he had placed upon the town. 
     Many years went by with no word or sight of the Doctor. The town believed the horror was finally over...or was it? We invite you to take a walk on the Land of "Dr. Shock" and experience "Shockwalk", an intense experience, in the hopes of discovering the mystery that looms around "Dr. Shock" and his dreaded experiments.

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